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The Raven Squad the first novel by J O Rienhardt From the book back cover: An unsuspecting group of friends find themselves at the forefront of a rebellion against the corrupt World Government. To the secret organization known as the Society For Reform, this small group is key to the badly needed reformation. With a skill and fortitude they didn't know they had, they persist and come to be known as - The Raven Squad. Set in an alternate future, our main characters take on a corrupt system to attempt two rescues and retrieve some world changing documents. You will meet the fearless airship pilot Sara Reese and the cool headed inventor Eli Andrews as well as an airship pirate and a secret organization as they take on the corrupt World Government. Appropriate for late teen through adult readers.
Paperback. 6 x 9 inch softcover paperback 204 pages. Preview and order.
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Lewis Swift: Comet Hunter. By J O Rienhardt Documents the life of Lewis Swift from his early days in the small town of Clarkson, NY through his travels that take him to Mount Lowe Observatory in California and finally back to Marathon, NY where he had discovered his first comet. This booklet includes photographs and references as well as a web page address with links to further information.
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Lewis Swift Comet Hunter J O Rienhardt A short history and biography of Lewis Swift, co-discoverer of Comet Swift-Tuttle. E-book
Ebook. For electronic readers. Instant download. Preview and order.
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Learn the back stories of Marton Grifton, Sara Reese, Eli Andrews, and others. $1.49 ebook
A few of these short stories will be released as eBooks first and then the entire collection will be released as a paperback. Check the blog page for news.
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The Marton Grifton Story NOW AVAILABLE !
Excerpt from the Marton Grifton story click here
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