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Games of the Spotted Cubes by J O Rienhardt This book of games to be played with dice contains 28 dice games and activities. Eight of these games are created by the author and available nowhere else. With a handful of dice you can entertain for hours. There are all skill levels, including some that require simple math. The book is also available as part of a game box set. Click on Games in the menu bar to learn more.
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The Life and Times of Joseph Owen Seely, 2ed by J O Rienhardt With information from an autobiography written by Joseph Owen Seely, letters, and research, the times of the author’s great-great grandfather comes to life. The life in up-state New York in the early to mid 1800’s is mixed with Civil War, the California gold rush, and a developing nation. The letters and diaries give an intimate view of life in these times and are woven into the story of Joseph Owen Seely.
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