Marton Grifton - Sky Pirate EXCERPTS
From Chapter 5
From Chapter 8
As the years passed, Marton’s unwilling involvement in the affairs of his uncle increased. His primary job was courier, but it could be much worse he suspected. What Barbosa’s men routinely engaged in was not known to him, but he was sure he did not want to be part of it. He felt that his visits to various businesses, and sometimes individuals, caused these people great anxiety, if not hardship. That was atrocious enough. Opportunities to escape this life presented themselves, but where would he go? He knew no other life now and could count no friends other than the women who feigned friendship at Barbosa’s club. He had no close relationship with anyone. As he reached his late teens, the housekeeper that he had shared much with while at the Barbosa estate began to avoid him for no reason that Marton could determine. There was no one else that he felt he could talk to openly. The loneliness that had haunted him since he was abducted by his uncle had become his normal state. As a way of self preservation, Marton began to harden his emotions, enabling him to confront and collect from people who obviously were suffering. He wanted to be giving to these people not taking. Defying his uncle, though, would mean swift and severe punishment. He had witnessed this many times among those working for Barbosa who had made mistakes. Simple, innocent mistakes, it seemed to him, but he wasn’t privy to the details. Still, the punishment was harsh, beyond what seemed necessary. Isabella found her chance to enter André's office and look for information about the plan to execute Alexander Weston. The house was quiet, Barbosa was off at a meeting with most of his senior staff. Isabella wasn't allowed in his office alone, but being in the office alone was the only way she would be able to search for information.  She approached the door and fumbled with her ring of keys. She found the office key and nervously looked around to be sure that she wasn't being watched. Carefully placing the key in the lock she turned it to unlock the dead bolt. The sliding and sudden release of the bolt sounded louder than normal in the quiet house, echoing everywhere. She held still and listened. She slowly opened the door, stepped inside and carefully closed the door behind her. Walking to the desk she easily found André's appointment calendar and saw a meeting note for Alexander Weston to take place in two weeks. The note gave the place and time and in bold capital letters “END HIM” was written. Home Book Store Contact Blog Games