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The Raven Squad - fiction Raven Squad is excellent. When I started reading it, I could not put it down. It was exciting, suspense, and very easy to read. It really makes you think what is going on out there in this world of ours. Keep up the good work. We will be waiting to hear about a second book... Excellent, Excellent.” - N. A. “I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next one.” - R.O. I couldn't put it down. When will we see book 2?C.A. From AMAZON:  You'll be engaged from Page 1., May 19, 2015 By Crystal Abbey This review is from: The Raven Squad (Paperback) “For a first time author Jim hits a home run. This book takes you in to the future and has you engaged from the beginning to the end. Very easy read...now I want another. He needs to get started on number 2!” Lewis Swift: Comet Hunter - documentary No reviews yet. The Life and Times of Joseph Owen Seely - documentary This is fantastic! A really fascinating read, especially for anyone living in or native to the Syracuse area (or anyone who just loves history!). Check it out!” - A.A. This is an AMAZING first hand account of JO Seely's life in Onondaga County as it developed and is so interesting, not just for family but for anyone who wants truth about our local history! Amazing job Jim! Outstanding work!” - S.R.L. “Could not put it down.  Wished it was twice as thick!!!” - M.F.
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