Dice Games Wooden box game The game box is made of wood with a felt lined cover which serves as a dice throwing tray. Included in the box is the Games of the Dotted Cubes book, 50 dice of 5 each of 10 colors, game sheets. Great gift or to have on hand for game night. Also travels well to take on trip and vacation.
Games to play with dice. Easily portable. Games to play with any number of players. Games for all ages. Includes original games not available anywhere else.  Compiled by J. Rienhardt, 2020 Games of the Spotted Cubes
$59.50  plus tax and shipping
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Space for whatever you want or a place to throw the dice if you don’t feel like putting them away neatly
50 dice!
Game book with 28 games
Felt lined throwing tray top
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