Program descriptions Solar System Ambassador programs and presentations. There are no fees for these programs except where materials are involved. Star Treking: Navigating the Night Sky (a.k.a. Backyard Astronomy) Ages 8 through adult Learn about sky motions, seasons, and navigating with sky maps and planespheres. Naked eye, binocular and small telescope viewing will be discussed. Planespheres available for purchase can be supplied upon request, $4.00 each Decoding Starlight Ages 10 through adult See how we use light to learn about the stars. Spectroscopy is explained and demonstrated. Extended program includes building a spectroscope and using it to look at various light sources. Build-it-yourself spectroscope for extended program: $4.00 each. Scaling the Solar System Ages 8 through adult Take a brief tour of the solar system and participate in scale size and distance activity. Create a scale distance solar system to take home. Solar System Size and Distance Ages up to grade 4 Interactive demonstration of the size and distances in the solar system. A large scale solar system can be demonstrated outdoors if 200 feet of space is available and a minimum of 10 participants. Mars: from Ancient Greece to Latest Discoveries Ages 8 through adult People have been interested in Mars since, well, forever. This lecture presentation will discuss how ancient people viewed Mars through pre-visit speculation and to todays detailed views and discoveries. Threats From Space: NEO’s and PHO’s Ages 10 through adult NEOs, Near Earth Objects, and PHOs, Potentially Hazardous Objects are space objects being tracked. Are they really a threat? Can we do anything about it? Learn about these objects and our current situation. A small meteorite and impact rock collection will be available for viewing. More on next page