Program descriptions Tour of the Solar System Grade 5 through adult. Take a visual tour of the Solar System and learn a little about each planet, the asteroids, and the Kuiper belt objects. A scale model of the Solar System will be on display and a set of Solar System lithographs from NASA will be available. Threats From Space: NEO’s and PHO’s Ages 10 through adult NEOs, Near Earth Objects, and PHOs, Potentially Hazardous Objects are space objects being tracked. Are they really a threat? Can we do anything about it? Learn about these objects and our current situation. A small meteorite and impact rock collection will be available for viewing. Stars and Constellations Ages 8 (grade 3) and up (for adults and older teens see also, Star Trekking program)

Learn about stars; their size, distance, temperatures and types; with a visual tour of some of

the most impressive ones. Constellations are also discussed including their motion in the sky

and how to find them with star charts.

Optional: Planesphere to purchase. $4.00/each Build a 3D glow-in-the-dark constellation. $2.00 per participant The program can be adjusted for the age of the group. For grades 10 and up, interested adults also, the 3D constellation is enhanced with plotting on an H-R diagram and finding characteristics of the stars. Cassini Mission to Saturn Ages 12 through adult Image filled talk about the Cassini and Huygens probe mission to Saturn and Titian. ___________________________________________________________________ Non Solar System Ambassador programs There may be a fee for these programs Sand: Where very large and very small come together Learn about the wonders of sand and the hobby of collecting. Sands from around the world and very different types of locations are exhibited along with a presentation about sand. Activities can be incorporated depending on the interests and needs of the attendees. A small fee may be charged. Contact to discuss possibilities. Lewis Swift: Comet Hunter A presentation about Lewis Swift, co-discoverer of comet Swift-Tuttle and many more comets. Swift was born in Clarkson, NY and took his comet hunting to Marathon, NY, Rochester, NY, and Echo Mountain Observatory in California. The book, Lewis Swift: Comet Hunter, by J O Rienhardt may be offered for sale. Sound Science Ages 8 - 14 A fun program about sound. experiment with sound and discover how sound travels. The Shadow of Time Ages 12 through adult Learn about how sundials work and a little history of time.