Pricing and Funding

Subject to change

Pricing Schools

Within 50 miles of Marathon, NY: 1 week - $800.00

Due to transportation costs destinations over 50 miles from our home location will have additional travel costs as follows:

51 to 100 miles, 1 week - $880.00

101 to 150 miles, 1 week - $940.00

Over 150 miles call.

An additional consecutive week is only $400.00 regardless of distance.

$100.00 deposit required upon signing of contract.

Delivery and setup day is not included in the week.  If set up is on Tuesday, week begins on Wednesday and pick up will be the following Wednesday.  Exhibit use therefore, would be from Wednesday through Tuesday and exhibit would be removed at end of day Tuesday or Wednesday.

New York State Schools: This museum visit is fundable under Title II grants.

Fundraising idea:

A way to offset some of the cost of renting the museum is to open it to the public on a school night or weekend.  If you are interested in this, please contact The Museum of Light & Sound for information.

Pricing - Organizations

Please contact us for information.

Sample Contract for Schools

Sample Contract for Organizations



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