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My astronomy site for educators and anyone interested in astronomy. This site is pages of links on all manner of astronomy, reviewed and commented on.
Originnovation is my company where I sell my craft and artisan creations.
Rising River is my publishing company. My books are available here.
In 1981 I began a printing and graphic arts company. I ran the company for over 17 years before pursuing other interests. I still do graphic design and broker printing.
Once upon a time I had this idea for a traveling science museum that featured interactive exhibits on light and sound. A great idea that never took off. There is still information at this site.
NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador I have been an SSA for may years and am available for talks and lectures.
Lewis Swift was a relatively well known astronomer in his time. He was born in Clarkson, N Y and lived in Marathon for part of his life and is buried in the Marathon Cemetery. At one time I had hoped that the people of Marathon would be interested in building an observatory honoring Lewis Swift. I am not good at fund raising and the interest wasn’t strong enough to pursue it.  Learn more about him here. I have written a short biography on him that is available through Rising River Publishers
This is where I display my sand collection.
Podcasts links that I like.
My Family History Site
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My art. I started learning to paint in April of 2019. Here is my progress. Click image at right.