Presentations and programs Various topics can be discussed upon request including: The Sun and Stars, Specific missions such as Mars and Saturn Exploration, Magnificent Moons. Currently the following are ready to go: The Solar System: Our Size and Place This presentation takes a brief tour of our Solar System comparing Earth to the other planets and Solar System objects. Hands-on activities for both youth and adults are included that help participants to better understand the size and scale of the Solar System.
Programs are generally for adults and children. Some are more appropriate for one than the other. In general I prefer parents to attend with their children and continue discussions at home. At home projects may be suggested. There may be a charge for non-SSA programs.
Non SSA affiliated programs: Buying And Using A Telescope: Learn basics of telescopes and what to look for when buying. Backyard Astronomy: Learn about how the sky works, how to find your way around and identify what you are looking at.  What to look for in buying a telescope and how to use it will also be discussed.   You’ll learn the basics of this enjoyable hobby.  And have a better understanding of the  sky around you. Two sessions of 2 hours each.  From the Museum of Light and Sound Sound Science: A fun program on sound Light!: About light and how it is used to learn about stars, planets, and Earth