Presentations and programs Various topics can be discussed upon request including: The Sun and Stars, Specific missions such as Mars and Saturn Exploration, Magnificent Moons. Currently the following are available: The Solar System: Our Size and Place This presentation takes a brief tour of our Solar System comparing Earth to the other planets and Solar System objects. Hands-on activities for both youth and adults are included that help participants to better understand the size and scale of the Solar System. Mars: from Ancient Greece to Latest Discoveries People have been interested in Mars since, well, forever. This lecture presentation will discuss how ancient people viewed Mars through pre-visit speculation and to todays detailed views and discoveries.
Programs are generally for adults and children. Some are more appropriate for one than the other. In general I prefer parents to attend with their children and continue discussions at home. At home projects may be suggested. There may be a charge for non-SSA programs.
Non SSA affiliated programs: Buying And Using A Telescope: Learn basics of telescopes and what to look for when buying. Backyard Astronomy: Learn about how the sky works, how to find your way around and identify what you are looking at.  What to look for in buying a telescope and how to use it will also be discussed.   You’ll learn the basics of this enjoyable hobby.  And have a better understanding of the  sky around you. Two sessions of 2 hours each.  The Shadow of Time: How sundials work and how to build them. From the Museum of Light and Sound Sound Science: A fun program on sound Light!: About light and how it is used to learn about stars, planets, and Earth