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Care of Origami
Don’t water the plants!   One bit of care you don’t have is watering.  One less thing to do. Location considerations are: Bright sunlight. With time direct sun will fade the colors. High humidity.  The paper can absorb moisture and will actually tend to unfold somewhat if exposed to high humidity environments (bathrooms, laundry rooms). If you want something for a humid environment, let me know and they can be sprayed to minimize the effect. Near flame.  It IS paper after all.  Do not expose to flame! Dust and cleaning.  A general dusting now and then might be required.  Use a soft artist’s brush and brush off the leaves and flowers.  Compressed air can also be used, but keep the nozzle at a distance of 12” or more.  High pressure air could damage the creation. When brushing or using compressed air it is advisable to support the plant parts with your other hand.