Stellar Data in Excel format

These have been constructed from stellar data bases and made into a format that can be read by MS Excel

Bright Star List - 314 stars brighter than apparent magnitude 3.55

Near Star List - Contructed form a database containing all stars brighter than magnitude +8.0, or closer than 50 parsecs. (46786 stars). Source

Near Stars 2 - A Shorter List with common star names

Star Data Set for H-R Diagram  - This is a small data set to create a standard H-R diagram.


Star Data Set for b-v:spectral type graph - Use this data set to create a graph for finding spectral type from b-v values. Remove chart and data according to the work you want students to do.


Chart Labeler - This is a handy Add-on for Excel that allows data points to be labeled.  Example below.


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