The Museum of Light & Sound is a traveling Science Center about light waves and sound waves.  Intended to be fun and educational, the museum is available for schools on a weekly basis and other organizations for week or weekend events.


For schools the Museum of Light & Sound offers an opportunity to bring the fieldtrip to the school rather than put the students on the road.  No more lost time on bus trips, no more bus expense, no more permission slips, and no more limit on the number of students that can partake of the experience.  The school is charged for the use of the museum only. There is no per student charge.  


When the museum is scheduled at your school a teacher training is provided on the day that the exhibits are installed.  Teacher guides are provided and ideas on how to get the most from the museum visit.


For your organization the Museum of Light & Sound can be used as a fund raiser.  A weekend event can schedule the museum as an attraction for added value on admission or for an additional museum entrance fee.  A museum facilitator may be available for the event or a member of your organization can be trained.